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Oriental and fine rugs can be a beautiful and classy feature in your home. These rugs can be very expensive and require special maintenance and care. These fine rugs come in many different shapes, materials, and quality. Here at Doug’s Affordable Carpet and Tile Cleaning we are experts in the cleaning process of these beautiful rugs. Like carpet, upholstery, throw rugs and other home furnishings, Oriental rugs get dirty and trap contaminants. It is vital to the life of these rugs that they are cleaned regularly and properly. Using traditional cleaning methods like vacuum cleaners and chemicals can destroy your fine rug quicker than you can roll it out on the floor. This is why you should let the professionals at the Doug’s Affordable Carpet and Tile Cleaning take care of your oriental rug cleaning. Why should you use us to clean your fine rugs?

  1. Antique: Many time fine rugs are passed down through families for decades. Others are sought after by collectors. These fine rugs are sometimes very old and require specialized treatment due to the aging of the fabric.
  2. Prone to damage: Many of these rugs are designed with tasseled edges, weaved fabric, and other unique features. The problem is that many times these designs make the rug susceptible to damage.
  3. Specialized techniques: Fine rugs are made from different materials; many of these materials are delicate and require specialized cleaning methods. Your fine rug may require dry-cleaning, steam-cleaning or climate controlled cleaning techniques.

This is why we specialize in cleaning these expensive and beautiful rugs. We know exactly how to clean and handle your rugs in a way that will leave them undamaged. We can clean and restore your fine rugs and make them as close to brand new as possible. So if you are looking for an oriental or fine rug cleaning service in the Temecula area you should give us a call.

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