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Pets are awesome. Jim the dog and Charles the cat not to mention the two pet yellow bellied sliders that are in an aquarium in your son’s room are like members of the family, right? Absolutely, they are part of the family. Even though at times you feel like they are a lot cleaner than your children or husband for that matter, pets can be messy. Jim has trouble controlling his bladder when he gets excited to see the kids get off the school bus. Charles, bless his heart, is obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleaning himself, which leads to some pretty serious hairballs. And then much like your children, they play and make messes with everything from their food to the litter box. In spite of their messiness, much like your husband, they are worth it……most of the time. Here at Doug’s Affordable Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we love pets too. We know your pets are part of your family and we also know that accidents happen. We understand what a challenge pets pose to keep your home healthy, clean and odor-free. That’s why we specialize in pet stain and odor removal. We know how to clean up after your pets. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Pet dander removal. Over time your pets, much like you do, shed tiny flecks of skin and hair. This dander can cause allergic reactions and affect breathing.
  2. Remove pet stains. When your pet has an accident in the house it can be difficult to deal with. Urine and feces can leave tough stains that leave your carpeting, upholstery and other surfaces with bad stains.
  3. Remove pet odors. Unfortunately, your aunt Bessie isn’t the only one in the family that smells. Over time the hair and dander can leave an odor in your home. The worst odors are produced by their waste. Urine is generally the worst culprit as it is very difficult to get rid of the odor even if the spot looks clean.

We can come into your home handle all of your pet cleaning issues. Not only can we clean the areas that you know of but we can also find spots where past accidents have happened. Sometimes it’s difficult to see spots where Jim or Charles had an accident but we have the tools to find the most inconspicuous locations that can cause lingering odors. So if you are looking for pet stain and odor removal in the Temecula area give our professionals at Doug’s Affordable Carpet and Tile Cleaning a call. We can make life for your whole family, including your pets, much cleaner.

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