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How could we not be known for cleaning rugs with a name like Doug the Rugman? Right? Of course we clean rugs. Rugs take a beating, that’s what they are for. Rugs help keep the rest of the flooring cleaner and in the process, they can get pretty nasty. Here at Doug the Rugman we love rugs. Rugs have feelings too you know. We do our best to pamper and take care of your rugs so they won’t feel second rate compared to the rest of your floor coverings. Seriously, we love cleaning rugs. Over time, without the proper care and cleaning, rugs can accumulate dust, chemicals, and wear that causes the material to deteriorate and come apart. Additionally, dirty rugs contribute to contaminants in the air and on the flooring beneath them. For these reasons, it’s important not to neglect regular cleaning maintenance on your rugs. Rugs are underappreciated at times but here are some reasons we say that they are so important.

  1. Capture dirt and contaminants from foot traffic. One of the primary purposes for rugs is to catch these things which serve to protect your flooring.
  2. Rugs are decorative. Rugs can add personality and beauty to your home.
  3. Rugs can serve as a layer of protection between furniture and your flooring.Everyone has seen an end table or an antique trunk setting on a nice rug. This helps keep floors from getting scratched or carpet indentions.

As you can see rugs can be an important feature of your home for décor and functionality. With our rug cleaning services, we can ensure that your rugs last longer, keep their appearance and protect your home. Through the use of advanced techniques and our skilled professionals, we can meet all your rug cleaning needs. So if you’re looking for rug cleaning services in the Temecula, CA area, please give us a call.

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