Water Damage

Your 4-year old disappears for 20 minutes and you wonder what he’s up to. You call for him and he comes running. Everything seems fine. Little do you know that he had decided to give your pet dog, Jim, a bath in the second-floor bathroom and left the water running. You realize something is wrong when Jim comes running through the house with soap suds and bubbles flying in the air behind him. Then you hear something dripping. You look and you see a waterfall running off your staircase. Uh oh. Water damage can be one of the most problematic clean-up projects that you can encounter. Whether it be a burst water pipe, leaky faucet or a devastating flood, water can wreak havoc on your home or business. Water damage can cause all sorts of problems that need to be handled as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. The longer the water is present the more carnage it creates. So if you are in the Temecula, CA area and need water damage clean-up, Doug’s Affordable Carpet and Tile Cleaning can take care of your needs. Water damage can cause electrical issues, mold, mildew, furniture damage, odor, and many other undesirable things. When an event occurs that brings about water damage here is how we handle it.

  • Quick Response: A quick response is key to decreasing the amount of damage that occurs. A quick response can keep the damage from spreading and save you thousands of dollars.
  • Water mitigation: Water mitigation is simply the use of processes to reduce or prevent damage from the presence of water.
  • Water removal: We use the most advanced methods and techniques to get the water out quickly.
  • Odor containment: By quickly dealing with the issue we can avert foul smelling odors created by mold and mildew.
  • Drying and dehumidification: Our professional closely monitor our drying and dehumidification process to ensure your property is thoroughly dry.
  • Cleaning and sanitization: Once the presence of water is gone we focus on the clean-up process to get your property ready for restoration.

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